OUR MISSION is to incubate artists and their original work through creative development and programmatic opportunities that focus on collaboration, inclusion, experimentation and innovation.

OUR VISION is to serve as a vast creative hub for generative artists across multiple disciplines and offer resources, mentorship and residency programs, affordable space, and critical response that enables artists to advance their creative developments – and their careers – toward excellence and sustainability.

We empower artists to create work that innovates and shapes the myriad of ways our city experiences the arts. We are more than a theater, a music venue, an art gallery, and a gathering space – we are a place where artists can be creative and try new ideas that have not been explored commercially. PushPush presents workshops, test filming, galleries, and proofs of concept, and productions. Through our international program, we host visiting artists and partner them with Atlanta collaborators. As an incubator, we are an innovative feeder, not just for our own city, but globally.