PushPush Celebrates Launch of New Hub for Creativity and Collaboration in College Park

(Atlanta) On Saturday, October 19th, PushPush will open the doors to its new artistic hub in the historic district of College Park, adjacent to the College Park MARTA. To celebrate, PushPush invites the public into the new space to experience a sampling of what’s to come, including the SeedWorks Lab Residency program, an agile artist residency that offers affordable studio space, commissions, and collaborative work to advanced-level artists of all disciplines.

“SeedWorks, our new development program, is like a Bell Labs for artists,” said Shelby Hofer, cofounder of PushPush, “Thanks to several NEA grants, we’ve done multiple tests rounds and found that dedicated space is critical for all the activities and resources we’re building. With the College Park Hub, we can now start to fully activate the program.”

“We’re on track to our goal of having over 60 intellectual, investable properties in the pipeline by the end of 2020. We want to help Atlanta cement its reputation as a world-class city for independent artists to create new and exciting work,” said Aimee McCoy, cofounder of The Artizen Company and founding member of SeedWorks.

The event starts with a tour of the new facilities and information on current and upcoming programming along with ‘activated’ spaces from a diverse lineup of artists including featured Bahamian artist Keith Wisdom, live music and visual art by two-time Grammy Award Winners Headliner & Rasa Don of Arrested Development, and many others. After the tours and festivities, there will be a fundraising dinner and comedy show within walking distance at Urban Foodie Feed Store. Tickets for the ‘feeding’ here.

“This new hub is about artists taking an ownership perspective of their work and developing a cultural ecosystem that supports and sustains them,” said SeedWorks founding member and artist Nathan Sharratt. “We want to introduce ourselves to the community and give a taste of some of the things coming down the pike in an intimate and fun setting.”

The three-floor, 10,000 sq. ft. facility at 1805 Harvard Avenue is located behind the College Park First United Methodist Church and includes special access to an additional 800-seat venue, a full commercial kitchen, on-site childcare, and ample parking in the lot between the venue and the College Park MARTA station. PushPush will ultimately have a range of 27 rentable studios for artists and creatives of all disciplines.

“The plans are to keep the studio costs affordable and cater to mid and advanced-career artists that strive to maintain and grow in Atlanta’s recent space-drought,” said Tim Habeger cofounder of PushPush. “The facility currently has 11 rentable studios of various sizes available, all under market value.”


With this new location, PushPush has entered into a partnership with GoodPlaces and Ethical Properties that squarely aligns with a 20+ year history and mission to be a thriving development center for local, national and international artists ranging from filmmakers, performing artists and writers to visual artists, musicians and more.

“Southwest Atlanta is the new destination for the arts, and we’re thrilled to join this vibrant community to continue to show the world what the South has to say,” said SeedWorks founding member and writer/producer Suzan Satterfield, “Having a creative lab will open up possibilities for film/media makers to cross-pollinate on projects with other artists while finding their unique voices.”

To get involved in all or any of the above email us at [email protected].